Yogasense Workshops
The Seven Core Principles

YogaSense: Baby and Parent

This workshop is a teacher training program for parents, therapists and yoga teachers wishing to share the joy of yoga with baby. You will learn yoga poses, songs and activities appropriate for the early years of life. This course will review motor, language, social and cognitive development typical during early years of life. Learn yoga techniques to strengthen the parent-baby bond and put baby on the path to a happy healthy life.

YogaSense: Sensory Integration Through Yoga

This workshop will introduce you to the Sensory System and how yoga impacts the sensory system. This workshop is for therapists, parents and teachers that would like to expand their work with special needs children to include yoga. You will learn poses, breathing exercises, meditations and games specific to the different senses and appropriate for different ages. Come to integrate your own senses and have fun in this energizing workshop.

YogaSense: Integrating Yoga into the Schools

Optimal learning for the child occurs through movement in non-stressful environments. Integrating yoga into the therapy or classroom setting provides a positive experience for the child while achieving therapy and educational goals. This course is designed for therapists, educators, parents and caregivers working with children with developmental delays. Participants will gain a basic understanding of the sensory and motor development that occurs in the early years of life. Participants will learn yoga activities that will help in sensory integration, reflex integration and motor planning. In addition, participants will learn how language, cognitive and social skills are facilitated within yoga activities.

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